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1)an intrinsic value to each person individually, that only comes to said person who finds all the true answers to/in life, religion, destiny, love, power, and balance; all while fully completing it before death.
2)..a decision so powerfully life-changing, that the person who experiences this, will have conquered their truest obstacle in life, and will have experienced the magnitude of their true potential as a human being..

3)a feeling so great that it dissolves the foundations on which a person stands as a whole, and will break down even the most fortified spaces within ones mind.. to make room for a for a new way of life and thinking.

4) the fusing together of two lovers, beyond constrains of holy matrimony, and farther than that, their hearts. A connection so powerful, that even death would not separate, tear from, or distance the two. a feeling beyond the most intricate of lovers to one another, that things like sex or bodily urges do not apply to them in the slightest.
5) becoming one with oneself, through destroying any connection to evil and fear that that person has carried.

-Christian B
ive experienced Acperience
by Mango Kush smoke December 20, 2010
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