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The most hilarious comical stylish diva you will EVA meet.A WONDERFUL chef and an AMAZING eater (*high metabolism*) ..The most discombobulated and randomest person...with unbelievable hairdos and the BESTEST FRIEND EVA!!!!!!!
Mark: "did u see that girl walk by?"

Bob: "Man, shes an abisola!"

Mark: " She could be my bestfriend..."
by MysticalDIVA May 17, 2010
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The most clingy and thicc bitch in existence. A true melanin queen. Knows what she is, men mostly find her unattractive, but theres select few who understand the goods abisola packs. Darker and more majestic than the midnight sky. A real delight.

Biso for short
Ugh, did you see that thot? She a total abisola.
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by bison boy May 06, 2018
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