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The most hilarious comical stylish diva you will EVA meet.A WONDERFUL chef and an AMAZING eater (*high metabolism*) ..The most discombobulated and randomest person...with unbelievable hairdos and the BESTEST FRIEND EVA!!!!!!!
Mark: "did u see that girl walk by?"

Bob: "Man, shes an abisola!"

Mark: " She could be my bestfriend..."
by MysticalDIVA May 17, 2010
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Most girls with the name Abisola are usually funny as hell!. Having a Abisola as your girlfriend or wife is an endless happiness. They’ll not only be your life partner but your best friend also. Abisola are mostly tall a not skinny yet not fat. Abisola is beautiful both inside and outside. Abisola’s are often very loyal!. Loyal when loyal to them. Abisolas often have many men chasing and wanting to be with them, but they like to play games. Abisolas are a big flirt! They often lead people on. But If you’re lucky and they love you, they are often ride or die. Losing an Abisola as a friend or girlfriend would probably be something you’d never want to do. Abisola are usually the life of the party. With good comes bad, Abisola has the smartest mouth and the worse temperature. You don’t want to get on their bad side.
That Abisola girl is my soulmate, my best friend and I love her to death.

That Abisola is a true Rider.
by David566 November 20, 2018
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The most clingy and thicc bitch in existence. A true melanin queen. Knows what she is, men mostly find her unattractive, but theres select few who understand the goods abisola packs. Darker and more majestic than the midnight sky. A real delight.

Biso for short
Ugh, did you see that thot? She a total abisola.
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by bison boy May 06, 2018
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