Abegail is a girl who will stop her personal life and go help someone as soon as possible. She is a friend to everyone and laughs a lot. When it comes to family, heritage, and close friends, she doesn't mess around. She respects you as long as you respect her. She is a beautiful person on the inside and outside but sometimes she can be your WORSE nightmare if you push it. Though she is sometimes misunderstood by her unique perspective in life and in all things, she still win at the end of the day because everyone loves and admire her. She is also very loyal and a great friend to lean on. That’s why a lot of people is jealous of her, because they want to be like her. She also give's great relationship advice and sometimes is not even in a relationship. Its just like how a coach teaches but doesn't play in the game. Overall, Abegail is the type of girl you'd want in your life. A smart, polite, caring and loving person as she is.
Damn, I could really use some advice and a little laughter, I'll go to Abegail.
Abegail is the best person I know, I'm so glad she is in my life.
by xxfyi November 23, 2021
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Abbey is the girl when she enters a room anywhere she just blows you away, she is the hottest girl in the class that every guy has a crush on and every girl wants to be. She knows what she wants and her hard work is inspirational and admirable. She is so beautiful you want to tell her every time you get the chance. She knows how to dress, even if it is just a casual fit she still finds a way to stand out and look amazing. When she is wearing a dress it just leaves you speechless, your mouth will drop to the ground and you might not be able to move from being stunned by how fine she is. Her laugh is the most infectious of all laughs because every time you see her laugh you start smiling. Her smile and laugh will be stuck in your head forever and you shouldn't complain about that because it is the only thing you want to have stuck in your head. She loves county but also can bump to any rap song, she loves when it rains and when you surprise her. She has the sweetest heart and is the most loving person. She will stick by your side if you treat her well and you better treat her well because she deserves the world and the universe, because she is one in a billion, no one in a trillion. Being with her is the best feeling in the world and that feeling is addictive because once you are away from her you will want to see her as soon as possible again. Love her with all your heart and treat her like the queen she is.
Wow that girl Abegail. She is amazing
I want to be Abegail’s friend
by Calculator 10 November 23, 2021
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When you crop someone out of a picture so it leaves only you in order to make it your default on facebook, myspace, twitter, etc.
::Picture taken of friend A and friend B at an event::

Next day on Facebook, it's just Friend A on the default picture because she "abegailed" Friend B.

Friend B: "Damn, I've been abegailed!"
by ld07 June 13, 2011
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is a beautiful lady, smart, has wild thoughts, and has a precious voice. if u have a bad day just make a joke to her and make her laugh it will boost up your day, she dont deserve any pain especially when its from a boy, NO besty NO, she deserves to be cherished. this person is also a good listener not good at advice but she's getting there,,, all in all this person is sensational all in her personalities add up as a perfect human being.
by apersonfromneverland August 17, 2021
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She's precious, you must take care of her. She is lovely, has a golden voice, independent, responsibility, disciplined, and the most sensitive person you have ever met. You must treasure her as she is one of the kind. She hates noisy and irresponsible ones. You can trust and depend on her during difficult times.
Abegail Say is essential to transform society.

Abegail Say is a future values education teacher and a counselor.
by Sevirusnape May 17, 2022
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Is the only type of person you can expect to go "YASS KWEEN, SLAYYYY" as encouragement

Person 1: Uhmmm.. Thanks?
by sulfire May 25, 2023
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