To be an individual named Aaron, is to transcend awesomeness at it's very core.
That omnipotent being must be named Aaron!
by TheTruthOfAaron June 20, 2013
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sexy black male

funny af
knows just what to say
you fall in love wit an aaron the moment they hug you
popular, frends wit evryone
by Jenae February 11, 2012
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An amazing guy. period. Always there for you. The type of guy that seems to like everyone but the girl that has loved him since first grade. Needs to realize that he loves Katie too.
by Pinkpaint February 04, 2010
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Someone given the name 'Aaron' is an amazing person to be friends with. He will always be there for you when you need it. Sometimes he wants the best for others, for others to smile even when he isn't happy himself. He opens up to people who he trusts the most, and loves everyone. He will try to treat people with kindness and when he gets hurt he tries his best to stay positive. He'll protect you with all his strength. :)
"Wow.. Aaron is such a great friend!"

"I know right! I'm glad I met him."
by An Unknown Girl December 26, 2016
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Aaron is a sweet, loving, caring guy who will never let you down. Being near him will give you butterflies and make you ungodly happy. Aaron's are usually handsome, but never really know it until you tell them. They are very modest. Aaron's are extremely smart, caring, and selfless. They will do anything for you.
"Ugh. Blake was being a jerk last night. I wish he was like Aaron."
"Yeah, Aaron never does that to me."
by kyconner September 09, 2016
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Aaron is the sexiest guy on earth he makes all the girls thirsty but he knows he will always love only one girl in his heart , he knows what to do sometimes but someone is gonna be glad to call him "mine".
Aaron is just so sexy he's mine and only will be mine
by Mines September 04, 2016
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One of the most amazing people in the world. People named Aaron have an independent streak which makes them challenge the world. They are quiet and like their alone-time; however, they open up more and play around when their friends are around. People named Aaron are truly special. They can light up someone's world and the two of them can dance a dance of immense freedom. People named Aaron have curious minds that jump from idea to idea. (Each idea being spontaneous, crazy, and absurd.) They are usually shy to people they don't know, but shine when they are around people they are comfortable with. They are beautiful people, inside and out, who will go far in life with their determination and amazing sense of humour. People named Aaron are funny and can keep others entertained easily. They are easy to fall for and easy to make friends with. All in all, they are one of the most amazing people you will meet. He's also Tall with a Big Dick.
I wish I went out with Aaron cute ass.
by That lover August 31, 2017
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