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A guy who's handsome, charming, cool and hot at the same time. Everyone would like to copy his style in everything especially in dressing and hairstyling. He's that type of guy every girl would want. Doesn't easily fall for someone. Short tempered as hell. Would get pissed at anyone including the close ones in a very few seconds. Likes to be alone for most of the times. Doesn't share stuff much. But would sacrifice anything for his friends. 95% fearless. Wouldn't think twice if he's already decided something. Has a dark side which no one will even know that it exists. Emotionally weak when attached to someone, better alone. Has a better understanding about managing things.
Oh no, here comes Aaqil. You're dead man.

No one is stylish as Aaqil.
by iamryuto7 May 02, 2018
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It can have three different meanings in poker.

A)When someone calls an all-in drawing dead.

B)When someone sucks out on you.

C)When someone donks someone else.
A) Wow, I just pulled an aaqil.

B) Wow, I just got aaqiled.

C) I can't wait to aaqil him.
by Arpit Goyal April 21, 2011
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