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A good looking handsome guy. Intelligent. A dreamer. Got a cool attitude. Most would like to copy his styles. Short tempered af. Would even get pissed at the ones who are close. Prefers being alone . Would do anything possible for friends. Most likely fearless. Emotionally weak when attached to someone. Doesn't trust anyone that easily.
There's Aaqil. A very interesting guy.
by iamryuto7 March 16, 2019
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It can have three different meanings in poker.

A)When someone calls an all-in drawing dead.

B)When someone sucks out on you.

C)When someone donks someone else.
A) Wow, I just pulled an aaqil.

B) Wow, I just got aaqiled.

C) I can't wait to aaqil him.
by Arpit Goyal April 21, 2011
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