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Aanika is an amazing person who will always be there for you. Like literally, call her up and she therrrrreee! She's also the (funniest) person in the world and will never fail to make you laugh. She is known for her sexiness and her way with words. THAT GURL CAN CAN ANYTHING SHE WANTS! She never fails to (amaze) everyone in the room. SO if you find yourself an Aanika, be sure to get her before anyone else can!
Did you hear about that girl Aanika?
Yeah, better get her before anyone else can
by Jacye Lockhart May 16, 2019
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1. aanika is a common Indian name, commonly confused with anika, this name means a sister that is unworthy or useless.
My useless sisters name is aanika.
by Anu Thummalapenta June 08, 2018
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