Affluent White Female Liberal

*Ages 18-80, primary years are 22-45, precursor to Karen.
*Middle to upper middle-class backgrounds, consequence free life.
*College educated in fields with lousy earning prospects
*Works in Academia, Govt, HR, Journalism, Law, NGO/Think Tanks
*Cult of Nice, political correctness.
*Supports the “Current Thing” like LGBT+, abortion, gun control, debt cancelation. Will make any cause about them and their struggles. Problematic.
*Supports “Anti-Icky” things and people. Will do Anti-Icky things, “Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations.”
*Radio silent if something happens to women if they don’t share their views.
*Cult Worship of feminist heroines (HRC, RBG, AOC)
*Casual Misandry – Male tears, “No wars if women ruled the world.”
*Toxic management skills. Belittles others.
*Chronic Victimhood, criticism = misogyny.
*Poor life skills, remedial adulting, hatred towards parents especially dad.
*SSRI addiction, substance abuse.
*COVID-19 restriction enthusiasts, mask, Vax x Infinity, Munchausen Syndrome.
*Undatable, cat lady. Runs off friends. If in a relationship/marriage, the guy is abused/emasculated.

AWFLs are universally disliked by everyone. Men of all backgrounds, minorities, and women who lived life on the wrong side of the sisterhood. Other AWFL’s and Karen's even hate them.

Affluent =/= rich. It’s the ability to wield power like cancel culture, doxing, or firing. They reside at the top of the privilege pyramid.
Your standard journalist at the Washington Post is likely an AWFL.
by NM83 April 8, 2023
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She has finally gotten ‘woke’ and and realizes how good she’s had it throughout life. Never experienced much adversity and truly wants to help others. Tends to be very open minded.

‘I’m going to make a meme about how I love being AWFL!”
by I finally get it! February 6, 2022
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