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Underated PDA That Shits On The iPhone. (This of course is taking into consideration that you have a brain and hacked the phone via SIM unlocking and rom flashing).

Often carried around by Ruthless Thugs and/or Extremely Handsome Mothafuckers with incredible swag.

Not to be confused with any other shitty PDA. You can spot this by it's 45° screen tilting capability.
Douchebag: "Hey uh, what kind of phone is that"

Me: HTC Kaiser, "AT&T Tilt"

Douchebag: "That's Pretty Cool, I've Got The Best Phone Out Though"

Me: "Oh really.. you piece of shit, why's that"

Douchebag: "I dunno, it's just the best, check out the touchscreen, and I have youtube"

Me: "That's nice fag, so do I. -- I also play super nintendo, nintendo, sega genesis, gameboy, super gameboy, and neo geo on my phone, what the fuck does yours do again? -- oh by the way, what's it like watching youtube on the edge network. Dick Face"

Douchebag: "Dude... Does Your Phone Come Like That, How Much Did It Cost, Wanna Fuck My Girlfriend And My Sister?, Can I Suck Your Dick? Wanna Hang Out?"

Me: "Fuck You"
by Obie One July 23, 2008
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The HTC TyTn II (A.K.A. The AT&T Tilt) is like the best phone that AT&T has ever released. With all of its features including 3G it kicks the iPhone's over-hyped ass & it definatly kicks the SideKick's ass. The Tilt comes with Windows Mobile 6.0 & it is a SmartPhone with excellent main features such as:

-WiFi enabled
-Supports HTML Web browsing
-Have built in word proccesors (Ex. Microsoft Word, Excel Mobile)
-Built in MP3 players
-Camera thats supports extended amount of video recording
-Expandable memory (32GB max.)
-Full keyboard
-USB Support
-Can store documents & other files like a USB Drive
-runs Windows Mobile 6.0,6.1
-Comes with AIM, YIM, & Windows Live Messenger
-Plays videos from live streaming or saved WMV files.
-Talking GPS or Google Maps

Its features are off the hook, with the touch screen you can enjoy browsing the web much better or playing music or browsing file &playing YouTube. With WiFi connectivity you don't have to depend on AT&T slow cellular network. With the WiFi you can surf the web at DSL speeds and watch YouTube smoothly. It is great for when you are dragged with your parents to eat out because ou can connect to the resturant's hotspot (If they have one) and talk to your friends! With the HTML web browsing feature you can browse the REAL WEB & not just some watered down WAP sites. With the built in word proccesors you can start on your essay by doing research using the phone's webbrowser & then start typing using Microsoft Word Mobile before class even ends. Then when you get home you can upload it to your PC via USB and finish typing & then print it out! With the built in MP3 player (Windows Media Player Mobile) you can bring your songs with you as you go. You have the option to play your songs outloud for the world to hear or listen through headphones. With its 3.0MP camera you can take crystal clear pics or use the Tilt's built in memory to to record up to an hour of video. With the expandable memory (Up to 32GB max.) you can store up to thousand of songs, pictures, videos, music videos, contacts, text messages & many, many more. ith its full keyboard you can type your tSMS or IM to whoever fast without constant typos like the iPhone does. With the E-Mail app you can program your phone to notify ou when you have a new E-Mail or you can manually check your Yahoo or HotMail accout using the web browser. With its blutooth feature you can sync it with your car's stereo system (If supported) and talk hands free or you can use the standard bluetooth headset. Also if your PC has bluetooth you can transfer files from your PC to your phone without the hassle of a USB! With the USB port you can charge your phone and/or transfer photos, MP3's, videos, Apps, or updates through it.
Also you can use the Tilt as a USB drive & transfer a document from one PC yo another! The phone comes with Windows Mobile so regular Windows user have that familiar look & feel as if thier using their desktop. It basically replaces most of the LapTop's features. With it's built in instant messenger services you can stay connected to your friends 24/7. And it also plays live streaming videos if you download the add-ons & since YouTube finall released its own app for Windows Mobile user now we can bring millions of videos with us in our pocket. And it also has Copy/Paste. Also if you have songs on your computer that you want as your ringtone, then you can transfer it onto your phone & set it as your ringtones...& if you know how to get free songs like I do then that means FREE RINGTONES And check this can do all of this without the SIM card being activated or even inserted in the phone, that works WITHOUT the Sim. These are the features you can use without a SIM card:
Internet (Uses WiFi),MP3 (Uses USB cord), Camera (You can transfer any pics or videos to your PC via USB then upload it to desired site), EMail (Use WiFi), Instant Mesenger (Use WiFi), Play live streaming vids or use the YouTube app (Use WiFi) The only things you cant do w/o the SIM is Call ppl (Except 911) or send or recieve texts, & thats it. With all of these features it make the iPhone look like crap. The Tilt's brothers are the T-Mobile Wing, The Verizon XV6800, and the Cingular 8125. All made by HTC.

Here's some more Tilt facts:

-Its more durable (It took my friend's Tilt 6 months of constant abuse until the screen got finally messed up & it was dropped on concrete many times, but if you drop the iPhone on concrete at least 2 times you are guaranteed a shattered screen. that is the reason I like thicker phones, more thickness means more durability)
-If the screen breaks you can get it replaced while you wait IN THE STORE or you can replace it your self. (The iPhone has to be shipped to Apple for 2 weeks while you rent another iPhone or use a loaner.)

iPhone main features:
- Touchscreen
- WiFi
- HTML Web browsing
- MP3 player
- Bulit in camera (No video support)
- No expandable memory (Max 16GB)
- Virtual keyboard
- E-Mail
- BlueTooth
- USB support
- just Google Maps

Touchscreen that lets you get work done but is glass so that makes it extra fragile. WiFi capabilites that let you not have to depend on AT&T's slow network & watch YouTube & browse the net at DSL speeds (Virtual keyboard makes that feature horrible). HTML lets you view full sites like the TyTn. Mp3 player with built in speaker that isn't no where as loud as the Tilt's speaker. And you can't set MP3's as your ringtone so your either gotta pay or stick with the crappy default ones. Camera that doesn't record video which is not good for people like me who like to make YouTube toutorials on the go. Its maximum memory is 16GB which means if yoy have the iPhone with lower memory you have to upgrade to a whole new phone that costs MORE. (When with the Tilt you only pay an extra $30 for the 32GB Micro SD card). Virtual keyboard suck ass and I hate it when Mac fanboys try to defen it. The keyboard IS NOT for heavy texter like my. Im fat as hell & have big fingers and when im typing I make constant typos which makes me have to back space. Plus the spell check makes it even worse because whn I try to type using internet slang it turns it all around without my permission & theres no way to disable it!! It'll turn the phrase "wat up cutie r we gona fuck 2 day?" into "What up cute are we going from 2 say?" and by the time I notice , ive already clicked send which make the person im talking to confused (With the Tilt it just shows you suggestions but only applies them if you click it). E-Mail is fine with me. Google maps is laggy & so is youtube.

And dont get me started with the SideKick, I dont even know why its in the PDA category. It lacks WiFi, and word proccessors. The AT&T Tilt rules!
by KweezyTheKioskHacker April 05, 2009
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