A way of saying hi by tilting or nodding your head
Nate: *tilts head*
Matthew: *tilts head*
by Invader MB September 30, 2003
From video game culture. When your emotions stop you playing your A-game.

An analogy to the tilt mechanism in pinball: if you bump a pinball machine too hard, it will light a "tilted" message and refuse to work properly, throwing the game.
He lost half his HP in the first 30 seconds which was bad, but that got him tilted and he just YOLOed five enemies, a battle he couldn't possibly win.
by happycamper72 August 20, 2017
When you're getting slightly mad at someone/something.
-hey Arteezy, how's your team treating you?
-i'm getting tilted already by this bullshit chen
by tsonkata January 27, 2016
When you make a mistake and then become so frustrated that you continue to make more mistakes.
I was learning to drive yesterday, and was tilting. So I had a break to relax, for a moment, then continued the lesson.
by J.T.W. January 6, 2017
Gambling term (most common in poker) but also used in video games describing an angry or "reeling" state of mind usually caused by a big or unluck loss. People playing on tilt play below their usual abillity and usually make larger and more aggressive bets to try to quickly recover their loss.
Man matchmaking in CS:GO had me tilted the other night.
by RecycledDefinitions January 27, 2017
Usually a term in video games (though it can really be used in any activity or hobby), tilt is an emotional state when doing the exact same thing activity over and over produces negative results. It's an emotional breakdown and fustration of your hard work not resulting in the success that you crave so desperately. When you or someone is in a tilt state of mind, the best thing to do is take a break from that activity and try not to think about it as much.
Phage: Dude I lost a lot of Ranked games in League of Legends and it's all my stupid noob teammates' faults.

Sheen: Dude you're on tilt. Take a break from League for a bit man.
by Lance Ted Mosby Hardwood January 28, 2015
When you let something negatively affect your mood/actions. Commonly used by players of video games.
My teammates got me all tilted. Now I'm salty AF and playing like shit.
by leetstarter January 23, 2017