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ARMY Independence Day is the 14 of October. We celebrated our freedom from the pressed kpoppie world in 2018. They ridiculed and mocked us for years, calling us toxic and trash, and finally it was enough. Now we have our own continent what can those hoes say?
President: Kim Namjoon
Independence Day: 2018, Oct 15
Government House: The Purple House
Trademark color: Purple
National Anthem: 땡
Motto: Borahae
Mission: Break records, make another history, fly even higher
Vision: Dominate The World!
ARMY Independence Day is the only holiday that matters and kpoppies can stay pressed. Alexa play DDAENG by BTS
by NamJeniuss October 14, 2018
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Day where the BTS fandom (ARMYS) officially began to no longer be considered K-Pop fans. This was a huge decision made by the fandom due to the hate and criticism filled with jealousy that BTS and the fandom have been receiving from other K-Pop fans (Also referred to as Kpoppies/Kpop fans of other groups) for many years. BTS will still remain under the K-Pop category but with all due respect, it’d be kind to refer to the lovely BTS fans as just ARMY and nothing else. ARMY is also the biggest fandom in the world, making them stand out the most. Armys have decided to go independent and work strong with each other to help the boys achieve more and reach higher up to this day!!
It’s Army Independence day! It’s time to celebrate!!
by fairyqtae October 04, 2020
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The day when BTS fans, ARMY, broke free from the toxic KPOP world.
Day: October 14
Motto: Borahae (I purple you, a saying Taehyung coined)
National Anthem: Make It Right
It's ARMY Independence Day, today. Alexa, play Make it Right by BTW
by Grandpa Yoongi October 24, 2019
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tw// sulli death + oct 14

armys pls i BEG do not trend anything on this day. this is the anniversary of sulli’s passing. please remain respectful and considerate to her family, friends and fans. do not trend anything. please.
army independence day wasn’t even properly celebrated before. please be respectful.
by fancysoty October 04, 2020
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