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Short for "Ai piak piak mai". Ai meaning "Wanna", mai meaning "or not?" Piak piak is the sound produced during sexual intercourse due to contact between the man and woman.

Together it means "Wanna fuck (or not)?"

It's hokkien and originated from Singapore.
"Hey girl, APPM?"
by somebuttie February 15, 2010
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Advanced Placement Procrastination Madness Syndrome.

This occurs when an AP student has procrastinated to the last minute, and is very irritable and on edge. Signs of APPMS include (but are not limited to) the following: Slammed keyboards, screaming at books/tv's/audiobooks/computers/websites/anything inanimate.

APPMS is also known to cause students to post excessively on facebook.

There is no known cure to APPMS other than to just finish what the student has procrastinated.

If you see your friends or children expressing these symptoms, stay at least 10 feet away, and whatever you do, DO NOT MAKE EYE CONTACT. They will take this as a challenge and attack you.
Daniel: How come there are so many facebook updates tonight?
Jonny: Well, we have a 300 page book due tomorrow, and frankly, I don't wanna do it just as much as the rest of these people.
Daniel: Have you started?
Jonny: No.
*Daniel looks at Jonny, making eye contact*
*Jonny, inflicted with APPMS, kills Daniel*
by UrbanLabrador October 12, 2009
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Short-form for Ai Pak Pool Mai. In English, this translates to "Wanna Play Pool?". Usually used when friends are arranging for a pool session.
Post 1: "APPM?"

Post 2: "Onz! Put time put place!"
by Stupid Idiot March 04, 2005
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