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1. The Advanced Placement course in which students learn college level Biology in hopes that they can use their 4 or 5 AP test scores for college.

2. A biology course where students are forced and rushed to read and test on every single chapter in their 55+ chapter books. They do labs too.

3. In Kansas, a course where students are told that a supernatural being designed all life and are then sent home.
(Definition 1)
"What did you get on your AP Bio?"

"A five! No introductory Bio 101 for me!"

(Definition 2)
"What did you do last night?"

"Studied for my double chapter test for AP Bio."

"You take a test on two chapters at once?"

"Every week."

"Don't you guys do labs too?"

"Every week."

(Definition 3)
"What did you guys learn in AP Bio?"

"I dunno. What Would Jesus Learn?"
by Talono December 17, 2008
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