A high school course from hell that hosts students who say "hey, I'm good at art, why not?", and immediately turns them into a pretentious art hoes who at the same time hate art. They didn't know what they signed up for, or else they wouldn'tve done it in the first place! Eight months, 24 pieces of art --12 breadth and 12 concentrations--, countless people saying that their art is terrible and that they should just give up, 0 souls remain. Catch 'em in the halls with a bigass portfolio, wearing mustard yellow, permanent bags under their eyes and milk and honey in hand.

Students include:

1) the "re-starter" who starts their concentration over 10 times, and only has their first piece done in March. They're "fiiiiiiiiine".

2) the "truly 2D": wisely chooses to do photography, digital art, or anything that isn't drawing. See how they finish everything a week or two early and actually stay on the in-class deadlines while everyone else is suffering.
3) the "procrastinator": hasn't brought their work home in days... maybe weeks. 3 all-nighters, 4 gallons of coffee and 5 mental breakdowns during submission week before they just make the deadline with 10 minutes to spare.
4) the "one who can't handle": Just thinks about stress and how it's going to make them stressed is already stressing them along with every person who has to hear them stress about stressing. Cries 3x a day.
5) the "one who tried to switch out... several times": why are they taking AP art? They don't even know.
Student 1: "Yo how's your concentration going AP Studio Art Drawing?"
Student 2: "Not bad, I've got 5/12"
Student 1: "...But submission is in 3 days..."
Student 2: "Yup! and so is my funeral."
by happy.lil.trees February 3, 2018
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"Develop technical skills and familiarize yourself with the functions of visual elements as you create an individual portfolio of work for evaluation at the end of the course." -From the college board
ap studio art drawing focuses on using your creativity to create a masterpiece with your brain hand coordination
by RedUrbanGuy October 22, 2017
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