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Academy for Medical Science Technology aka Anxiety Meltdown Stress-induced Trauma where no one gives a flying strain of HPV about you unless you win a major research competition. No one knows anything actually med related so god help you if you get injured around one of us. But hey at least we know how to pipette 20 microliters of water into a weigh boat! Half of us don't even want to go to med school and would probably be terrible doctors cause all we do is memorize and forget everything .00002 seconds after the test. Its probably because we take like 14 classes, half of which don't even count for the GPA. And then admin gives every light weight academy trips half way across the world except for us. (@ businASS) All we got was a trip half way across the school to see a two million dollar microscope that nobody as touched. Teachers make us weed outside because it "teaches us about plants" and clean classrooms for thirty percent of our yearly average. If you don't take 5 extra APs and IBs junior and senior year, you're looked down upon. But if you take all of them you're crazy and a try hard. TBH med is horrible but the people are hella lit and make boss ass quizlets. P.S. we are the best
"man i really hate myself !"
"you should join AMST"

"you are the most incompetent group of AMST freshman I have ever met in my 15 years of teaching Introduction to Experimental Science! You can't even drop a ruler right!"

"I can curve your grades but not your intelligence!"

"Oh what academy are you going into?"
"lol junior year is going to be hell for you!"
by the best academy April 25, 2017
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