A girl that will love you forever no matter what and is damn hot, gets all the guys. Also is not a poser at all, usually pretty tall
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by lollipopchickenwater March 06, 2017
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a weapon used for lynching any race that is not white but primarily black men
get out the AK let the lynchin begin
by AKlynchinKKK July 24, 2010
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A hard punch aimed between the stomach and solarplexis in order to shortly knock the wind out of some-one without makng a mark or severly injuring that person. If done correctly, this will really hurt for about 3 seconds before subsideing into a painful memory
If Heartfelt Andy makes you mad, go over and suprise him with an AK
by Jorlan Oogrust March 03, 2005
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a very large and elongated nipple. A nipple so long that it resembles an AK bullet
by DJT March 01, 2005
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