Biggest piece of junk ever made, a 1990 Toyota Corolla that has broken down 3 or 4 times, has over 200,000 miles and is worth less than $500.
The AJC is a P.O.S.
by Taco Wallace August 22, 2003
AJC's Rome on top, Bakyl's Rome sha'll bow down
AJC's Rome will rule the world.
by Tom_Xaver January 14, 2022
Join AJC's Rome, Bakyl's Rome sucks.
Join AJC's Rome.
by Tom_Xaver January 14, 2022
AJC loves to work and find many different ways to make money. AJC is one of the most generous people out there and thinks about others before himself. An AJC is a very hard worker and is very determined to reach his goals, Go get you an AJC!
Hey did you see AJC out there hustling this morning.
by AYE JAYETH OF THE SEE November 22, 2021