As taken from Easton and Liszt's classic The Ethical Slut, which I believe coined the phrase for the general public:

A friend of ours, when he makes a mistake, says, philosophically, "Oh well- AFOG," That stands, he says, for Another Fucking Opportunity for Growth. Learning from one's mistakes isn't fun, but it's better than not learning at all, right?

Compare to: What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
by prrv July 07, 2011
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a⋅fog (ey-fog)

Alpha Female Of the Group

The leader of a pack of girls. Usually the one who protects her girlfriends from being hit on by male losers. Can be perceived as a bitch.
Rico Suave: So did you hit it off with the three girls over there?

Joe Schmo: Nah man. The AFOG blew me out of the set and told me to "fuck off!"
by EyEfSee July 09, 2009
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