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Generally defined as a man with <90IQ, confused about sport and nearly always 100% homosexual. An AFL fan will spend about most of their days hating on NRL, the real Australian sport, or other than that, lining up on Welfare Payments outside Centrelink.

What is AFL? Imagine a soccer goal post, remove the crossbar so goals can be shot 10 metres over the top, quadruple the width of the goals and remove the goalie. A typical AFL fan lacks the required skill to kick a goal under such conditions, which even the mentally and physically disabled find easy to achieve. To make the game homosexually friendly, a point is rewarded for missing a goal 50 metres in width, frankly more points should be rewarded for missing goals due the sheer impossibility of the task.

The majority of the AFL fan base resides in Melbourne where straightened hair on men are seen as normal by the populace.
AFL Fan: Fuck bro I missed the AFL grand finals last night!
Real man: Maybe it's cause you're sucking on cock?

AFL Fan 2: I heard AFL is a lot better than watching grass grow..
Real man: Nah mate sounds like you're mistaken.

AFL Fan 3: Fuck I wish there was gay porn where I can jack off with right now!
Real man: You're in luck cunt, the AFL is on.

AFL Fan 4: Which team do you root for in the AFL?
AFL Fan 5: I'll root for a team after you take your cock out of my ass.
by Roosters2012 October 19, 2011
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