All cops are Pussies
ACAP to just be pulling out their gun for no reason
by Bmod1611 June 8, 2020
As chill as possible. Term intended mostly for bros who are just as chill as can be.
Lax Bro: Hey bro how was your day?

Lax Bro 2: ACAP brooo!

Lax Bro 1: Nice bro!
by noahthekidhaze January 4, 2011
Assigned crab at pokichu
1:hey I’m acap

2:what does that mean?
1:assigned crab at pokichu
2:what the actual fuck?
by SpadeDemon October 13, 2021
To define people who always take a long time to poo
by Puyonz November 30, 2018
Wow..that acap son....
by Ozil111 January 2, 2018
the most tsundere guy you'll ever meet in this world and he wants to go to uni with ipah
Acap is such a tsundere!
by ipah July 5, 2021