ARMY, meaning; Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth is the fanbase of the k-pop group, BTS. They are one of the most scariest fandoms in the universe. They go with the motto: "Mess with our boys and you will have to face the consequences" they could even cancel you within 24 hours. They could find your address, phone number or even the names of your school and family!!
ARMY is one of the scariest fandoms ever.
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by sxftjiminieee November 16, 2020
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A group of beautiful hoes who decided to give their life to these 7 dorks. Don't even think of dating them because their standards are too high for you.
{Random Guy} Hi! Are you single?
{ARMY} Are you Namjoon, Yoongi, Seokjin, Jimin, Hoseok, Taehyung, or Jungkook? No? Well dont talk to me.
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by .ichangedmyname January 06, 2021
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clowns. literally clowns.
B: Do you see these people there?

C: Oh yeah they are ARMYs also knows as pathetic clowns
by CHRlSlTY October 14, 2019
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Army is probably the best fandom in this world. It's not only a fandom, it's a family! You can be very thankfull if you are in this family, because this family supports you every time you need it. This family is always there for you and helps you to get through hard times. This family makes you laugh, cry, maybe get angry and feel better.
Me: *typing in a BtsArmy groupchat* ,,Guys something awful happened!"

Others: ,,What?" ,,What's worng?"

Me: ,,My hole school was laughingat me, only because I didn't had make up on!"

Others: ,,Here listen to that. It makes you feel better." *sends the musicvideo of idol*
by Viktoria5344 December 18, 2018
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A.R.M.Y stand for Adorable Representive M.C of Youth.They are BTS's fandom.
Scratch that...
A.R.M.Y a meme family who is so extra if you miss with one of them you have to deal with all of them...ARMYs express their love to each other by the sentence purple you (how creative *proud*)...they are indepandant as some kpopies don't like them but because armys are sweet swagies they don't care about them,in fact all they care about is bts and themselves😎
*plays mic drop*
Kpopie: ugh i hate bts and army gotta write some hate comments
A.R.M.Y:(doesn't give a shit because they are busy spreading purple and support bts and eachothers)
*idol plays in the background*
by ARMY.BTS.YEONTAN November 02, 2018
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