An ancient weapon that was rumored to have caused the first apocalypse. Has unearthly offensive power

Turns out the first apocalypse was actually caused by this one. You can see why... Has unearthly offensive power
by IdioticGuy March 13, 2020
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Baby Slime, is the harmless, and yet disgusting drool, constantly dripping out of a young child's mouth. It gets on nearly everything and everyone they come in close contact with.

It gets especially worse when the child is teething, gnawing and sliming up at all the things it can get it's tiny hands on.
Alex let his niece play with his keys, and was horrified when they were returned with a thick layer of baby slime all over them.
by CaSimone March 14, 2017
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the slime remaining on a baby after it has slipped out of the womb or vagina.
oh dang, check out that baby slime!
by mikal3 February 22, 2006
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the one day of the year when you get to tell baby slime what she can and can't do with her money
"Oh gee I can't believe it's National pocket watch baby slime day"
by TheyWontLetMeUseHarold August 24, 2023
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