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(n,adj)A word used in typewritten language to describe an ass so beautifully exquisite and enchanting that people would pay good money to see and or touch it; an ass that is used for income purposes.
I am so jealous of Kendra's a$$, she gets tens instead of ones when she hits the pole!

Did you see the way she was showing off that A$$?! There's no way in hell she isn't charging for rides!
by MX936 May 13, 2013
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An A$$ could be the rear end of a person, but most of the time it's a username used by childish people for the online game called kahoot.
Jake got kicked off kahoot because his name was A$$.
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by pussybitchboi69 June 07, 2018
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Australian Strike Soldiers. The best clan in Aus!
P1: Who's that awesome BF2 player?
P2: I dunno, but I'm sure he's from A$$ clan!
by Kit-E-Kat July 18, 2006
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