A indefinite measurement of time or space that people with committment issues, poor organization skills and delusions use to infuriate those looking for them to given them a definite answer to questions like "how much?"
Nick says he's a good bit taller than Jane.

Q: How much longer will you be? A: a good bit.
by MrsSpecific June 18, 2009
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It's cockney (i.e. from London) rhyming slang for earning money. Bunce is derived from bunsen burner (a common piece of school laboratory equipment that produces a single open gas flame and named after Robert Bunsen) and this rhymes with earner.
It was tough work but I was earning a good bit of bunce .
by J Jazz October 28, 2015
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Something/someone that is good at their designated task/job
Oh, Jimmy? Yeah, he's a good bit of kit.
by BloominGanso March 18, 2016
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good bit of kit is when someone has a good rack
she has a good bit of kit
by good bit of kit guy November 8, 2023
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