"Aimee" god jamies such a pillow case
"kyle" whatcha mean?
"aimee" she' soft in the head
by cheaptrickrick February 3, 2010
Fill one with door knobs or padlocks and you have yourself a nice weapon.
"Jack, go get my pillow case and the door knobs, daddy as to knock some sense into your mother."
by Jtron 3000 October 3, 2003
1.) what one puts on the ugliest person they are about to fuck; 2.) used to cover the pillow and serve as a protective outer layer against intruding elements
"Hey, I like to role-play! Would you put this on?"

"I washed your pillow case, Max."
by Petey G October 6, 2003
To shoot a bird with nearly all of your shot so that its feathers fly everywhere, just as it would look if you shot a pillow.
Did you see that? I pillow cased that dove!
by Samuel Bowers September 4, 2017
To put a pillow case over someones head and then beat the person repeatedly in the back of the head with a claw hammer.
"Pillow casing is the number one leading cause of death for assholes"
by ForrestH February 1, 2007
When one punches a female in the breast.
Kristy fought against Ryan when he gave her a coffee pot, so he pillow cased her.
by Du's Friend Ryan October 31, 2005
1. n.- One who has expired; corpse ; dirt nap enthusiast
Shit, no, Man, he ain' a-sleep!
He a-pillow case!
by Rick Wilson October 1, 2003