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This non-fiction book was written about one of the most devious mooches ever. The book has not yet been written by acclaimed authors, Tyrone Schiff, Jake Billmeyer, and Joe Tucker, but they have begun brainstorming various chapter titles that will be included in this extremely long read.

The chapter titles are all based on real life events that the three authors of the book witnessed themselves. Although humorous at first glance, the tale is in fact a sad one in which Frankel eventually dies a sad and lonely man due to his mooching.
"A Moocher's Tale: Alex Frankel" was just a number 1 best seller on the New York Times best seller list!

Here are some chapters from the book:

Chapter 89: Asking for money after staying quiet in someone else’s room at 2:31am while they are trying to do homework
Chapter 15: Let me just have a taste of that Verners, I’ve never had it before
Chapter 22: I offered my food to someone else, but Frankel still wanted it
Chapter 18: I needed to try one on the other side of my mouth for full affect, even though he supposedly hates it
Chapter 49: A mooch calling another person a mooch, when they aren’t
Chapter 50: A mooch calling another mooch a mooch
Chapter 1: The Legitimate Mooch
Chapter 45: The IM Mooch
Chapter 27: Using Attire as an excuse to Mooch AKA Usage of a Phone
Chapter 75: I Owe You 50 more cents…No I won’t get you a pickle for 75 cents
Chapter 30: I’m just scoping out your stash…wait, I’m gonna have some of it too
Chapter 48: Why didn’t you save any pizza for me?
Chapter 14: The Piggy Mooch
Chapter 72: Lets just order pickles from Jimmy Johns, and can you pay?
Chapter 58: Sneak Attack Mooch
Chapter 33: The Deja Mooch
Chapter 4: The Ask N’ Go (Why eating a pickle when you’re too tired is bad)
Chapter 42: The Urban Dictionary Mooch (See High Voice & Qvickie)
Chapter 9: The Bluff Mooch
by Tyrone Schiff May 31, 2007
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