Boy 1: Ah shit mum told me to take the chicken out the freezer and I forgot

Boy 2: yh long day brudda
by Cooooolkid101 September 9, 2020
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When something goes wrong, normally due to annoyance; Inspired From the song "6 day war" by Colonel Bagshot
by DaGdLking1 April 25, 2022
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When you stay up for two or 3 or 4+ days in a row. Usually from drug use. to you it just becomes one long day. And it usually requires 24 hours of straight sleep to begin to recover.
Dont bother Bryon now. Gheesh hee's been sleeping for 12 hours now. Yeah he's recovering from the "long day" he'll be sleeping for at least 12 more hours.
by bigpolecharlotte April 12, 2006
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Definition of Long Ass Day - noun - Having a very bad day that never seems to end

Or A very crappy day that just won't end.
by Nichole McKnight September 2, 2009
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