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A reference to Hirohiko Araki's long running manga (and anime) series Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Usually pertaining to things simular to or referencing Jojo's Bizarre Adventure themes such as floating or exploding Kanji, posing that covers the face and aesthetic of both the show and manga.
Hey Bob was posing at the business meeting today with his hands and hips. Was that his arthritis or a jojo reference?
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by HentaiExpert August 30, 2017
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A Jojo reference is a reference to something in the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Manga. Sometimes, people make Jojo references on accident, or on purpose. Like someone saying "I refuse." with the Rohan face, Or making a donut Joke.
Non-weeb: -Accidently does a Jojo reference without knowing-
Jackson: Is that a Jojo reference?
Non-weeb: Who the fuq is Jojo.
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by Kakyoin Noriaki September 24, 2020
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