a breakfast on a bun found out the best resteraunt in the world from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. sometimes referred to as the b.o.b. (bee oh bee) but thats not what it is. it is sausage egg and cheese or sometimes bacon. it rules
John: Dude its 4 in the morning yet im so starving

William: Dude lets go get a bob at whataburger
by JohnnnnnnnnnnnnR January 14, 2008
a bob is a term to refer to a blunt
yo, go get a philly so we can roll a bob
by SarahXTC January 6, 2008
A Bob is someone who everyone lives near
Does Anna live near you. Yep
How about Sam. Yep
Mark. Yep
Amanda. Yep
Casey. Yep
Allison. Yep
Dude everyone lives near you. I know I'm A Bob
by SpeakerBob3 April 16, 2007
Said when you want someone to get a move on, like "hurry up" or used as an exclamation to mean "let's go" like when you leave. Also used as an afirmative reply.
bob, bob, bob, we got to finish before dark.
Did you do the dishes yet? bob
bob, bob, bob, get in the car.
by starfighter77 March 10, 2009
A common name used by people of indian descent to describe male reproductive organs.
Dr. Suhas: Drop your pants I need to see your bob bob
by Suhas August 14, 2011
A secret phrase between two men at a social gathering or sporting event where they can alert the other that a chick with nice breasts is in the vicinity without alerting those around them. The term is simply boob minus an o. Boob-o=bob.
1st Dude: "Hey look there's Bob!" (Points at breast)
2nd Dude: "I am so glad he could make it. I was worried he wouldn't."
by keifermail July 12, 2009
a bob is someone who builds houses and when he walks into a building his theme song will play.
person a- "Look here comes bob"
by SCHOOL123 October 25, 2018