The best beer produced by Dogfish Head Brewery located in Delaware. This beer is an IPA and has a delicious smooth taste with a 9% alcohol content. This beer is best enjoyed on a Wednesday.
Damn! That 90 minute tastes great on a Wednesday. It goes down so smooth.
by JSims19 November 16, 2007
A soccer fan who yells racist chants or shouts racist insults to opposing players or fans, but doesn't act in a racist manner once the game is over. They often believe that they aren't really racist but are merely getting caught up in the heat of the game.
They may only be 90-minute racists, but they're still cruel.
by doctorblue August 16, 2012
eric: Hey, how did you submission go?
elle: it was fine but it was like a 90 minute goal kmt
by Elle.L January 6, 2022