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8:11 is usually considered a time of day. However, when said slurred and quickly - it's sounds like "anal lovin". Hence, 8:11 is the act of anal sex... which usually only lasts a minute - or until 8:12!

Keep in mind "8:11" should always happen twice a day.
Dean: "Todd, it's that time again!"

Todd: "What time is it?"

Dean: "It's 8:11"

Todd: "We better find some chicks within the next few seconds!"

Dean: "And by 8:12 they won't be able to shit right for a week."

DBS rules.
by Toddy Tickles May 15, 2009
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a sad or tragic moment in a TV series, that is so shocking or so unexpected that anyone that witnesses it is at a loss for words or stunned into silence and ocasionally moved to tears. Named for the silent tick of the countdown clock on the hit television series 24 after Bill Buchanan sacrificed his life to save the President and Jack Bauer.
The final episode of season 5 of NCIS was definitely an 8:11 moment because the team had been split up after working together for 4 years.
by Xbot360-1337 March 10, 2009
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