8/12, 8:12 or eight one two
We've all heard about 420, 710 for cannabis concentrates..and now here's 8/12 for the cannabis edibles. Example: Oh, you ATE ONE TOO!!!
by highaltitude July 5, 2017
The great competitor of 7/11.
Person 1: Wanna go to 7/11?
Person 2: Nah, I'm going to 8/12 instead
Person 1: Oh okay
by notarealperson111 December 8, 2020
Number of Top Friends a user may have on Myspace
8,12, 24 are the most common amount of friends a user will have displayded on their profile page.
Am I in your Top 8/12/24 ?
by Nosrella January 2, 2008
A annoying equation that no one will actually use and that is useless, and teachers give it to you so they can bore you to death and still get paid
Me:I really don't think we need to do 72÷8·(8−12÷2) it won't help us at all.
Teacher: Shut up!!! I am trying to bore you to death
by Random perosn February 25, 2019