The 8 week method works to get over an ex-partner. The method consist of NOT talking to the ex for 8 weeks until underlying tensions have time to diffuse. After 8 weeks, emotions have more time to heal and future resolutions are easier to come fourth. This definition is not be confused with the two week method.
Guy 1: How do I get over Jessica and move on with my life when she’s constantly on my line?
Guy 2: Use the 8 week method- the time off can help you both figure out what you want.
by Jack5473 January 12, 2021
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an extremely long time. business weeks being a time frame used as a shipping time estimation, i.e. your package should arrive in 6 to 8 business weeks. a business week consisting of only business days, not weekends, thus being longer than a normal week. in effect, forever.
girl: how long will you love me?
guy: 6 to 8 business weeks, baby!
girl: awwww...i'll love you forever, too!

dave: how long are you grounded for?
ken: 6 to 8 business weeks!
dave: damn! well, it's christmas now, that means you should be out by...lets see...4th of july maybe?
ken: probably more like labor day!
by kotagirl February 14, 2008
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An expression to exaggerate how hardcore a continuous activity can be.
"Yo, so i started this hardcore brosplit."
"What, is it like 8 days a week."
"Yo, totally."
by Pumped jack July 18, 2015
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The time in which a boy named Alex supposedly didn’t shower for
Joe : dude you smell like shit
Jack: I got a shower yesterday

Joe : Nah dude, must’ve been like 8 weeks
by OneBleach:Shippuden July 26, 2021
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