-the looney bin
-crazy farm
-nut house
-psyciatric ward
My dad downed a whole bottle of asprin so his friends took him to the 7th floor for suicide watch.
by Dallas the Sallad man January 19, 2009
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A rap group started by the University of Miami football team. The group includes NFL players Greg Olsen, Tavarus Gooden, Darnell Jenkins, and Jon Beason. The crew is named for the their residence on the 7th floor of Mahoney Hall.

As their song describes, "going to the 7th floor", either literally or figuratively implies engaging in group sex with the Hurricane football team
Guy 1: Have you heard that joint by the 7th Floor Crew?
Guy 2: No, but my girl got taken to the 7th floor last night
by B tha Beast April 29, 2008
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If your ho only know
That she was getting fucked on the 7th floor
If that bitch only knew
The she was getting mutted by the whole damn crew
What would she do?
What would she do?
What happened to your bitch on the 7th floor ? The 7th floor crew fucked the shit out of her
by RogerGoodell April 24, 2020
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