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A game of poker where each player gets 7 cards and tries to make the best five card poker hand out of each. Each player is dealt 2 cards down and 1 up. The player with the highest showing card is the first to start the 1st round of betting by "checking" or betting. After that round of betting each player who has not folded their hand yet is dealt another card face up. There is then a 2nd round of betting on this card starting with the person who shows the highest hand. There is then a 3rd card dealt face up to each player who is still in the hand, followed by a 3rd round of betting. Then there's the 4th card dealt face up to everyone still in with more betting taking place. The next card is the 5th and final card and it is dealt face down to each remaining player. Everyone then bets again then the hand is over. The person who makes the best 5 card poker hand wins the pot!
Jim: Hey do you feel like playing some texas holdem tonight?

Rob: No, I'd rather play some 7 card stud because I'm sick of having to use community cards against mornos who constantly get lucky and suckout on my ass.

Jim: Yeah me too, good idea hahahah
by sm0kestack September 07, 2008
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