International Dem Bois day on 6/9
Time to go out and celebrate with the bois
"its the 6th of september"
"Oh nice dem bois day today we going hard tonight"
by Chowders2611 September 5, 2021
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6th September can't be classified as being gay since its with the homies on this special day!

Person: "Why did you sleep with - - - - - he's your best friend?"
You: "Did you forget it's September sixth?"
Person: "Ah, sorry bro my bad"
by Izzay_ May 15, 2022
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A day where your female friend has to get freaky with you.
Hey it’s 6th September today let’s fuck?
by totallyminty November 6, 2021
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Kiss a guy who’s name starts with L
Hey is that Leo? I’m gonna go kiss him because it’s the 6th of September
by Lukasbtwz September 3, 2022
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