Rule that women with high standards use to judge men. They require men who are 6 feet tall, have a 6 inch penis and 6 figure salary
Sorry you’re not tall enough, I go by the 666 rule
by DJ Pies December 9, 2018
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The main thing modern women look for in a man.
* 6 feet tall
* 6 figure salary
* 6 pack abs and/or 6"+ penis
Who the would use 666 rule it in a sentence ?
by onureemus August 4, 2023
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The main thing women look for in a man. They will often deny this triad as it makes them look bad, though in reality, it’s the main premise they seek. You can have a guy who is a 1/10, but the triad will make them look like a 10.

Also known as the Three 6s to make them sound less satanic. The 666 triad is displayed by:
- 6 feet tall
- a 6 figure salary and
- 6 pack abs.
He’s ugly af but he meets the 666 rule so I’d rank him an automatic right swipe 10/10. Can’t wait to match and not work for the rest of my life.
by TheAlwaysCorrect1 August 26, 2022
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If it exists, there is a wiki for it.
Person 1: Hey anyone know what World of Warcraft consists of?

Person 2: Check it's wiki

Person 1: There's a wiki for World of Warcraft?

Person 2: Dude your forgetting rule 666.

Person 1: Oh... Right...
by BloodAdept September 7, 2010
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n If it exists, someone is superstitious about it.
Person 1: Hey, it's 2 A.M. and we're college students. Want to go to Waffle House?

Person 2: Can't, sorry. My mom says the Antichrist owns stock in that place, and she threatened to disown me if I ever ate there.

Person 3: Wow. Rule 666, man.
by Bi-Polar Pirate September 15, 2015
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Rule 666 is the definition and embodiment of the devil, and any activities involving satanism.
When applied, all other religious actions will be nullified, and only the devil's worship will be available.
(How it is used.)
Priest: Sir, this is a Catholic Church, please pray and respect our religion.
Random Man: Rule 666 man.
by FreddyFuckBoy1987 November 5, 2015
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The rule that most women desire men with these three qualities:
- 6 feet tall
- 6 figure income
- 6 pack abs

One, two, or all three 6s make it progressively easier for a man to frequently attract and keep the company of women. Lacking all three will make it sufficiently difficult for a man to attract women.
Jane: Does he pass rule 666?

Amy: Of course, but there's so much more to him.

Jane: Like what?

Amy: I mean, he's funny and like smart.

Jane: Whatever.
by goyo May 10, 2017
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