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Rule that women with high standards use to judge men. They require men who are 6 feet tall, have a 6 inch penis and 6 figure salary
Sorry youโ€™re not tall enough, I go by the 666 rule
by DJ Pies December 08, 2018
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Qualities that revolve around the number six that are preferred by women with high standards, namely a six foot height, a six-pack abdomen, six years of higher education (i.e. a university degree), six months since last relationship, a 6,000 sq ft house, a six inch penis, a six-hundred horse-power car, a six-figure salary, at least a 60th centile in terms of facial attractiveness.
Bobby:. Think you're gonna get that woman's number?
Tony: No way, not with the 666 rule
by invert cattso August 09, 2018
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