butt sex, ass banging, corn-holio
"butt sluts like going to 5th base"
by Anonymous November 30, 2002
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My butt hurts from sliding into fifth base last night!!
by Pee-ter December 3, 2002
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when you shave your partner's asshole. This is the ultimate expression of love.
Nina and Alex totally went to 5th base last night.
by the big cheese1234 December 9, 2010
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The act of taking your partners anus and inserting a hoop earring into this person's anus and sliding your testicles into the hole made by the hoop earring. Upon taking out the earring, you have reached 5th base.
I just got to 5th base with my girlfriend, the earring got stuck, but the hospital understood.
by Scene Johna February 29, 2016
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I haven't had pussy since I hit 5th base 14 years ago.
by JoeZito631 April 16, 2008
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Rubbing Noses with someone you love very deeply. This is considered the ultimate sign of affection.
Dude i totally went to 5th base with Alex last night.
by Ben Malinowski April 5, 2008
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The last base, to have anal sex with a woman or man. Anal sex has been classified as the most deep sexual connection since being the most late and controversial kind of sex.

The first base is the French Kiss, the second base is touching the nether regions, the third base is oral sex, the fourth base is vaginal sex and the fifth base is anal sex. Through some people will consider BDSM as the Sixth Base.
Tongue, Touch, Throat, Throw, Turd.
French, Feel, Fellatio, Fuck, Feces.
Beso, Body, Blow, Bang, Butt.
Slow, Sexy, Suck, Sex, Shit.

5th Base
by IloveMarijuana March 4, 2014
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