Did you got the new issue of 576 in the mail today?
'Cause it's being made in Hungary, so I have to wait to get it...
by Urban Dictionary January 7, 2005
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TL;DR- Slang for something as bad as 576(AD), when a plague killed 20% of the world, and the sun was blocked out because of a volcano.

Used to describe something as beyond terrible. As context, the year 576AD is seen by many historians as the worst year in recorded history. This is due to a plague killing 40 million people (around 20% of the global population) and a volcano that blocked out the sun for most of Europe, causing famines on top of the plague. Therefore, this is why using 576AD as a slang term makes sense, as an event devastating to one person is comparable as an event devastating to all of humanity.
Bob: Oh no I have lost my job, I’m about to be evicted, and my house got robbed on top of that.
Jim: Sorry Bob! That is totally 576!
by BillyBobJoe20 December 28, 2021
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