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Pronounced "fifty-two fifty" this is a two week involuntary hold at a psychiatric hospital. at least it is in california.
At first i went in on a 5150, but the next day I met with the doctor and they 5250'd me.
by GinNChronic January 25, 2012
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Pronounced "fifty-two fifty". A 5250 is a coctail of psychiatric medications consisting of 5mg Haldol, 2mg Ativan, and 50mg Benadryl. It is used in psychiatric emergencies when a patient cannot be calmed and poses a danger to himself and others. It is given via intramuscular injection.
The patient in room 37 was smashing his head into the window, and threw a nurse across the room when she tried to stop him, so we had to give him a 5250 to calm him down.
by kimRN July 26, 2008
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