51/49 is the universal law of inherent bias in every choice that is supposedly 50/50.

In any given decision between seemingly equal alternatives, there always exists at least a marginal partiality.

Thus, there is no situation in which both of two options are simultaneously acceptable or truly equivalent.

51/49 can also be applied conceptually to every relationship (business or personal), wherein a man wants to give at least 51% of the value. Why? He wants to have an impact, leave a legacy. Not to mention that there is serious ROI from putting others first.
He doesn’t just say this, he lives it. He has made a career on giving away his best secrets for free, constantly putting out quality content and responding to fans on email and social media one by one.
He spends ungodly hours scaling the unscalable because of the 51/49 principle. That’s dedication.

“Life gives to the givers and takes from the takers.” — Jim Rohn
Friend One: "Want to hit up doba or chipotle?"

Friend Two: "Zero preference. Either or."

Friend One: "Cap. What's your 51/49?"
by Dr. Prseuss November 21, 2021
A beautiful lesbian who isn't completely sure that she isn't over dick.
That babe is such a 51/49. She's turnable..
by RampantBane November 23, 2015