A rule or general guideline for the amount of time that should elapse from the time your boss leaves work to the moment you leave. This time buffer, used in corporate settings, will allow you to sneak away from work 'early' without negative consequences.
The boss just left - '5 Minute Rule' then we take off?
by wetterinc February 8, 2008
A common texting agreement between two or more acquaintances that after a 5 minute period with no reply, you must accept the fact that the person you are trying to reach does not want to talk to you. After this 5 minute period, you may not re-send your message, send a new one, call, or apologize for interrupting their meeting. This agreement is usually made official by means of contract, or simply by not disagreeing when the rule is suggested.
Man 1: Hey man 2, lets go to the club man!

Man 2: Ahh man I can't, im waiting for Katie to reply.

Man 3: Dammit Man 2, you've been waiting for Katie to reply for at least 6 minutes now. 5 minute rule dude.
by Mr. Yell-O March 8, 2010
If you are 5 minutes late or 5 minutes early. it does NOT count as late/early because everyones clock or watch runs a few minutes different from another person.
I was 4 minutes late to the dentist but considered "on time" when the receptionist said "it's okay 5 minute rule" and then I waited in the waiting room for 5 minutes but the doctor was not considered late.
by mistressofmike July 15, 2012
A variation of the 5 second rule, which dictates that food dropped into an awkward or uncomfortable place is still edible if retrieved within five minutes. Often conceived to be a more chivalrious instead of just plain ol' disgusting, especially if a man retrieves food dropped by a woman and eats it himself, replacing her loss with something that didn't touch the floor. It is also a more applicable rule than the 5-second variation when the moment of dropping the food is particularly ironic and demands a short pause for the appreciation of the twistedness of the world.
Girl: "No! I dropped my Mars-bar behind the computer desk! T_T"
Boy: "Here, have mine, I'll invoke the 5 minute rule." Boy proceeds to fish the Mars-bar, and emerges victorious after a few minutes of shuffling under the desk.
Dropper: "...so I was late to get up, my car was stolen, when I got to work my boss said not to come in if I can't get there in time, and-- here I go, dropping my sandwich on the floor. Perfect." Dropper stands still for a moment before picking up the sandwich.
by Exapno Mapcase May 5, 2007
Time you should wait before interjecting your opinion when walking up on two (or more) people in a conversation.
John and Fred were talking about Gun control, and Mike walked up and said that "Obama is going to take your guns away", but if he had waited 5 minutes he would have known they weren't talking about gun control at all, but how to shoot a gun. John says, "5 minute rule" and then everyone understand, he shouldn't have gotten into this conversation at this point. (And looked like an idiot).
by Xman2013 March 2, 2013
The common courtesy of waiting roughly 5 minutes for a friend to respond after commenting on or "liking" a status on Facebook. If the friend doesn't respond within this grace period, one can assume they're offline or simply disinterested in your post.
Mom: "Katrina, it's 3:30am! Get off the damn computer and get some sleep."

Katrina: "Give me a second, I'm waiting for Jessica to write on my wall. I "liked" her status 4 minutes ago. I gotta wait for the 5-minute Rule."

Mom: "You don't have any friends...so stop pretending! And switch the damn laundry before you go to bed."
by Hey, Debra! July 6, 2010
The 5 minute rule is a term used usually by overtly cocky men to explain how they can make a woman orgasm in under 5 minutes by going down on them.

This 5 minute rule is usually used along with bets made from both parties. These bets are almost 100% of the time won by the woman, because their male partners are just so ridiculously wrong.

On rare occasion though, some woman will feel the benefits of the 5 minute rule.

This term is also commonly used in text messages like the following:

"5 in 3 minutes. Bathroom. Be there"
"oh look at that, it's the 5th day of the 5th month. the 5 minute rule is about to be put to use. Get ready."
by Get it. May 7, 2009