ATEEZ the 8-member kpop boy group under kq entertainment, that outsang, outdanced, and outperformed the entire 4th generation of kpop. Stan ATEEZ for a better life‼️
Ateez the real 4th gen leaders‼️
by Slayc_ISA February 3, 2022
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4th gen leaders? you mean Stray Kids? the group who won kingdom (a reality show), Million seller with just one album ,the only group of his company, surpassing legendary groups like Twice (nation's girl group), Group full of aces and all-rounders, the boy group who was called "JYPE nugu group" but later become surprisingly succesful.
4th gen leaders = Stray kids
who are the 4th gen leaders?
Stray Kids
by klee_in October 28, 2021
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used to describe ateez. dubbed as the 4th generation leaders by the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Ateez are the official global ambassadors for Korean culture and tourism. They are often referred to as 'Global Performance Idols'
have you heard about ateez? they're the 4th gen leaders of kpop
by joongsworld September 23, 2021
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A title given to deserved k-pop group Stay Kids. It’s Stay’s (Stray Kids’ fandom name) pride that this title was given them and proven by charts and the individual group members’ talent as they can all sing, dance, rap, write, produce, and compose their own songs, and produce most of their choreography.
Stray Kids became the first 4th generation boy group to hit 100 million views on YouTube, where they don’t only have 1, but 4 music videos, as of right now, reaching that milestone making them the 4th gen leaders.
by me when I don’t lie May 9, 2021
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definitely TOMORROW BY TOGETHER they are the only 4th gen group to have a album with more than one week on the Billboard 200 TOP #10, they have more than 10 rookie awards, top 1 in BB world album chart, 25th on BB200, all albums with platinum certification, they are the most streamed 4th Gen bg on Melon, 2nd Fastest kpop to get to 1B on Spotify, most streamed 4th gen bg song on Spotify, 4th gen bg with most wins, and more achievements, so they are the 4th gen leader
Who are the 4th gen leaders?
by lvstxt September 15, 2021
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txt are the 4th gen leaders, cry ab it stays 🥺🥺
by kang taehyun’s gf September 11, 2021
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4th gen leaders aka Tomorrow X Together from Bighit. A 5 member group that debuted in 2019 and is already bigger than 4th gen.
Did you listen to Tomorrow X Together's new song '0X1=LOVESONG'? They truly are the 4th gen leaders of K-pop.
by moa devil June 27, 2021
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