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A component of human sex hormone that exists on both Testosterone and Progesterone. 4DDHT exists in measurably equal amounts in infant children at birth, regardless of birth sex. In the early stages of childhood development, 4DDHT drops dramatically in male between the years of 4 to 12. 4DDHT is only detectible in trace amounts in human males beyond puberty, but remains stable in females beyond puberty.

Recent studies by the World Health Organization and the Israel Health Ministry, in cooperation the Koch Pharmaceutical Research have identified 4DDHT abnormalities in adult males as indicators, or related to, abhorrent behavior in adult males. Specifically, the WHO and IHM aggerated data from blood samples of male prisoners with elevated 4DDHT levels, and provided the data set to Koch Pharmaceutical Research and Israel Health Ministry for independent analysis.

The aggregated data analysis from the World Health Organization, Israel Ministry of Health, and Koch Pharmaceutical Research identified that elevated levels of 4DDHT in male sex hormone measurements post puberty, are a clear indictor of sexual deviancy and micro-phallic physiology. The independent studies aggregated data indicated that 99.6 percent hit rate on sexual deviancy, specifically male pedophilia.
The 4ddht sensor lit up when I waved it over Jared
by LegionOfLogos July 31, 2018
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