having waves around your head top,back,right,left style hard to optain and looks good.Needs proper brushing to ..hair gota stay nicely groomed and brushed ...mostly fly niggas with them ...get luv from the ladies for there 360s.

only niggas with nice hair can achive
niggas get called pretty boy if u got them cause out hair stay nice ..nah mean
if u aint spinning u aint winning ...if u only got waves on the top u normal waver... only 360s wavers get respect
we mainly have haters usally nappy headed people hateing because they cant get waves
o girl look at ron he got the waves every where on his head they all connection to...damn he spinning with them 360waves.

Damn that nigga got them nice ass waves he spinning around da globe 360waves.

girl: damn you brush your hair to much
boy: you know i gota keep them 360s baby
girl: damn boy u got me sea sick u a dime piece.

damn u seen jermeny het got them deep waves ima holla at him..girl u know them boys with the waves stay fresh them prettyboi 360 waves .

omg! I luv them boys with the 360waves they always freshhhhh .
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360 Waves- Hairstyle found on african american males!
Www.dreamteam360.net for examples of this hair style
by twista June 5, 2005
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Having waves around entire cranium. Learn how to get waves.
I went to www.how2getwaves.com to learn how to get 360 waves.
by Ant Green October 17, 2006
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