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Refers to three iterations of down stroke up stroke

frequently applied to fornication, but may apply equally well to masturbation
When the aroused male is unable to endure minimal penile stimulation either coed activities or solo stimulation and blows his load on the third iteration he is said to be a 3 pump chump.

When applied to intercourse as fornication 3 pump chump is a misnomer because the chump is really the jizz orifice (woman). While the average penis is seven inches long this is likely to effect those with longer than average penis as there is more surface area to receive pleasurable stimulation. The average penis girth is five inches. Those with above average girth might be victims of her jizz orifice applying too much additional stimulation suddenly albeit unconsciously.

If her jizz orifice is the victim of 3 pump chump with average or above average penis it is likely the male has a low- or zero refractory period allowing for extensive practive to overcome pump limitations
by Unloaded Words December 15, 2012
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a guy who can't sustain sex for longer than three measly thrusts
Last night, sex with Ted was unexpectedly good. He ain't no 3 pump chump.
by lysergia June 12, 2012
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