Back in 2007:
Person2: Nah, I'm gonna stick to my Nokia phone
Person1: j00 n00b

Now in 2019:
Person1: Yo I got the iPhone 2G
Person2: Y'know that's 12 years old, right?
Person3 in background: Yo yea ur a noob! I got the new iPhone 11S+ PRO MAX!
Person1: idc
by crunchyorange November 17, 2019
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A large yet feminine man who is often power lifting on only his chest or listening/watching rocky. He tends to never agree with anything you say and always has great ideas. Sometimes he makes odd noises and his favorite outfit are his true lacrosse shorts and his ohio sweatshirt. Don’t be scared by noahs looks he make look big but on the inside he’s a pussy. Quote “Shut the fuck up i’ll beat the shit out of you”.
Who took the 45 pounds plates! Oh it was probably Noah 2g.
by Noah G fanpage October 2, 2021
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