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In the Court of U.S. law, if one man was not present at said time, place, and or event, he may plead the Frankie B. defense by invoking the 28th Amendment.
Kid not from Connecticut: Hey Frank did the holocaust really happen?
Frankie B: I plead the 28th Amendment.
Douchebag not from Connecticut:Whats that?
Frank: Well neither of us was at the Holocaust and what not, so neither of us can speak about it and what not.
Douchebag not from Connecticut:Ill take your word for it Frank, you are 100% italian.
by Connecticut born and Bred March 16, 2010
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the next amendment to the constitution that states women are prohibited to me on the road because they cant drive worth shit
"This is Peter Jennings with a news update that the US's car accident mortality rate has just dropped to an amazing 1% due to the 28th amendment"
"also just in if u think im sexist u can lick my nutz
by i forgot March 04, 2005
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The 28th amendment of the US Constitution, added on Feb 3rd, 2019, stating that any person with the name Gabby (or any variant) is legally barred from busing tables, rolling/bringing silverware, cleaning, sweeping, or any similar restaurant based manual labor when anyone named Connor is also working. The Supreme Court ruled this type of bar, known as an β€œI’m not gonna let you work hard” bar, legal in Iorizzo v. Broken Bread Machine (2006).
Gabby: what are you doing?
Connor: your job
Gabby:*tries to help*
Police: you’re under arrest for violating the 28th amendment, comply and come with us or give us some bread with the garlic dip but either way stop working
by ThankGodTheBreadMachineIsFixed February 03, 2019
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