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The modern globalised world leaves little time for essential activities like sleeping, shitting or even masturbating. So in Hong Kong, they have developed a break that encompasses all of these needs.

To take a 21st century party break, you must be at a party, need a shit, a nap and a wank.

In the toilet, start by masturbating and at the moment of climax, pass the stool (also known as poobating) to maximize pleasure and efficient use of time. This is followed by a 10min power nap after which you may rejoin the party, back in the game.
"Guys, I'm exhausted, I didn't even get time to go to the toilet at work today! but this party looks cool, that hot chick keeps giving me the eye"

"Dude, you should go for a 21st Century party break"

"Sorry guys, I'm so tired, I need to go for a 21st Century party break before I can get down with you."

"FML, my day sucked, I'm going for a 21st Century Party Break."
by messerscHanjOHns November 16, 2011
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