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Short def: A brick wall.
Long def: Know Your Meme is a site that catalogs memes. The site is infested with weeaboos and shit-for-brains. Don't even think of voicing your opinion on there, or you'll get a sword down your throat. Yeah, their community is made up of those people. What do I mean by them being a brick wall? I mean they won't listen. No matter how much you try to get your point across, they will not actually read it. At least not rationally. They pick what they want to read and use it against you. I've been on there.
Watcher: I don't think you get my point, Know Your Meme. I'm saying you need to be constructive in criticism.
Weeaboo: le u mad?
by DoomMan83 October 12, 2014
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Know Your meme (URL: is the official internet meme research database with over 500+ confirmed memes. has received many rewards such as the 50 top websites from, Best Web Site from Winnipeg and also noticed by the Wall Street Journal.
Guy 1: DO A BARREL ROLL!!!! Hey wait, do you ever wonder where barrel roll originated?

Guy 2: Check They give you origins on a lot of memes. You can even submit your own!

Guy 1: Oh, I love Know Your Meme!
by Ronald REEEGAN January 12, 2010
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Know Your Meme is a website that is best known for the research and archiving of internet memes. On the side, Know Your Meme has a image gallery that users can upload examples of memes and softcore porn into.
Some guy: I went to Know Your Meme yesterday.
Some other guy: Oh, did you look at memes or something?
Some guy: No, just fapped to softcore porn.
by JConlisk June 16, 2017
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Hello friends thank you for clicking out of any of the current posts MY post your a real gamer.
i was randomly laying in my bed thinking about christmas coming up.
then i thought about the sprite cranberry meme that caused me to have a lung spasm from my laughing.
so where am i getting as you say?
well i had the idea for a meme item to be released on christmas day
if you go to the top of mountain inside the house/lodge will be lebron james sitting their with his red wooly jumper
if you talk to him you will hear the iconic wanna sprite cranberry theme
and you will recieve the "Premium sprite cranberry"
item show under
Knowyourmeme: Wanna sprite cranberry? The answer is clearrrrrr
by Baguetteboy999 October 22, 2020
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The site that gives out detailed information on memes
Know Your Meme has a lot of information about memes!
by Nutty Nuts December 09, 2016
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