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A child that unfortunately will spend a majority of their childhood in the 2010s decade. These kids, aging from 3-12 years throughout the decade have been born in the years 2006-2014. Anyone born soon after that will be a 2020s kid. They will never live in a world without iPhones and will always live in a digital world
I feel bad for my cousin who was born in 2012. He's a 2010s kid and will always be glued to technology, and he won't have a childhood besides that iPad
by urbandiction2010 June 05, 2015
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Someone born from 2003 - 2012, and spending the majority of they're child in the 2010s. People will try to say that 2010s kids have the worse childhood, which isn't true.
Jimmy was born in January 2006 that makes him a 2010s kid, considering he was 4 - 13 in the decade.
by Someguy2004 October 10, 2018
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Anyone born from 2004 to 2010. They have always used technology and remember old YouTube vividly. On the plus side they all have a desire for college and all the technological experience will make them pretty decent workers.
My cousin Mike was born in 2004, but most of his memories are in the new 10s, he's a 2010s kid.
by E hates Q February 18, 2018
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